50 Things That I Am Grateful For (Day 11)

It’s definitely one of those days where the brain fog is too overpowering to write cohesively so here are 50 things I am grateful for! (Not including people)

  1. Blue skies and sunshine
  2. Stars in the dark sky🌃
  3. Guinea pig squeaks
  4. Blankets
  5. Fluffy Socks
  6. Overdue catchups 
  7. My job
  8. My new(ish) home🏠
  9. Going for walks in the summer
  10. All the donuts!
  11. My beautiful family of (currently) 12 guinea pigs!
  12. Warmth
  13. The smell and sound of the rain🌧️
  14. Beach trips with my besties
  15. My niece reading a storybook to me
  16. Baggy jumpers
  17. Chocolate!
  18. Knowledge that others have passed on to me
  19. Planners/Diaries
  20. Dancing💃🏽
  21. NHS nurses
  22. All the skincare products in the world!
  23. Long naps during the day
  24. Macoroni Cheese
  25. Wind on a boiling hot day
  26. Pastel highlighters!
  27. Random text messages
  28. Eating cereal in the middle of the night
  29. A perfectly baked cookie🍪
  30. Spotify!
  31. Bastille for being my favourite ever
  32. Making somebody smile
  33. Blogging✍🏽
  34. A pyjama day
  35. Having freedom to express who you are
  36. A nice hot bath with a bath bomb
  37. Eating out at a restaurant
  38. Pizza!🍕
  39. Having a garden space
  40. Helping others
  41. Getting into bed after a long day
  42. The first bite of food when you’ve been really hungry
  43. My amazing groups of friends
  44. Playing with my niece and nephew
  45. Making and decorating cakes
  46. Playing games which create laughter
  47. Online shopping!
  48. Having a calm space to read
  49. Mute buttons😏
  50. Acts of Kindness

Which brings me on nicely to announcing the winner of the ‘Acts of Kindness’ giveaway posted a few days ago.

Congratulations to Polly! To claim your act of kindness, please message me by Monday Morning. 

Thank you to everyone who got involved with this.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, despite having to stay at home! If you find yourself getting fed up, remind yourself of everything you are grateful for.

Ky 💕 (p.s if you would like any particular blog posts next week, please comment or message me privately- I could do with some ideas!)

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