A Plea From Me to You

Having heard the news of last night, I’m sure many of us are left feeling anxious, overwhelmed and unsure of how we are going to cope during the next month. Just as a little bit more normality has come about, it’s time to step back again.

It was inevitable and with the way some people have been acting, it perhaps should have been considered long before this.

From an extremely vulnerable individual who will still be going to work in an educational setting despite currently being on IV medication daily, waiting for surgery and being immunocompromised, please finally take this seriously.

I know the economy is failing and perhaps you believed that your excessive drinking in the pub with 5 friends from different homes was helping, but ultimately you have contributed to the second lockdown.

My personal situation mixed with current global circumstances are terrifying but I am willing to attend an educational setting despite the fact that contracting the virus would have extreme effects for myself/my family. So I plea for you to respect people in similar situations to myself, who are doing what’s best for your children/yourself despite the personal consequences it might have.

I believe some people may ask why individuals like myself are risking their lives, however ultimately we have no choice. With no official shielding advice, it becomes a personal choice and one that results in no pay if we choose to keep ourselves safe. Of course safety comes first but we have to live and there’s always going to be risk despite how safe somewhere claims to be.

So I beg you; if you can work from home, PLEASE DO. If you can wear a mask, PLEASE DO. Keep distance unless it is completely impossible to do so. Wash your hands. Wipe surfaces.

Remind your children not to meet up with friends from different bubbles despite how much they’re missing them.

Checkin on your friends, the ones who you know might be struggling. Help the elderly if you are able to. FaceTime family for a little while.

I know it’s hard, but please, please do EVERYTHING in your power to make this second lockdown worth it so that vulnerable people like myself can finally feel safe in the world again.

Ky x

If anyone needs support during this time, please reach out to somebody or somewhere. There are so many available organisations which will help you or your family stay safe.

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