About Last Night…(Day48)

Last night took a pretty crazy turn for us and at a pretty rapid speed. Within 60 minutes we had gone from watching TV to having our living room just hosted a mini surgical procedure.

For those of you who don’t know, I had a PICC line inserted for administering IV medication as and when I needed it. I’ve had a few before and I’ve never had any problems with them.

Last night was an exception to the rule. Whilst starting to change my dressing, the line got slightly pulled (which never usually causes any issues).

Yesterday, it did. The hook securing the line had failed and for all we knew the line was now floating around somewhere in my shoulder rather than positioned in my heart where it should be.

I laughed. Jack panicked. 111 were called and later 999.

After speaking with multiple medical professionals, most of which had no idea what the problem was, a paramedic from the ambulance service was able to help.

We were about to perform the removal procedure at home on FaceTime to 999.

Luckily, this was able to be done very safely as my house basically has all the equipment that a hospital has.

Gloves, sterile field, dressings, gauze. All ready to go.

Removing the actual catheter out of the arm is easy. You just pull it. The hook, however, is not so easy. It is literally embedded in the arm and has been for 9 months. It’s pretty happy in there now.

The only way to try and remove it was by allowing Jack to take a Stanley knife to my arm and cut the securing device in half. I’m not a squeamish person, but I think the whole process of having Jack (with his unsteady hands), pain and a clear vision of what was going on, it was a little bit much.

I went very pale, very sweaty and very dizzy. Fanta then proceeded to spill all over the sofa covering me in stickiness. It was a nightmare.

Once I had semi recovered, it was back to trying to remove the two metal hooks still lodged in my upper arm. It was kind of just a wiggle and pull manoeuvre until they came out. As you can imagine, this was a very unpleasant sensation.

When it was done, I kept my arm elevated and applied pressure to stop the bleeding.

I’d say Jack did a pretty good job of being a surgeon, even with his sometimes shaky hands! He knows I’m really very grateful that he saved me an a+e trip and meant I could still go to bed at my usual old lady time!

The paramedic on FaceTime was so good at talking Jack through it and keeping his nerves at bay. She talked us through aftercare and made sure I wasn’t feeling unwell or bleeding. She was amazing.

So yeah, that was our evening. Not one that many people can say they’ve had I’m sure. Perfect date night in my eyes😂

Stay safe everyone!!!!

Ky 😌

4 thoughts on “About Last Night…(Day48)”

  1. I am so sorry you had to go through. I can’t even how troublesome the night would have been for you and your family. It shall pass soon and I hope that you have a quick recovery.

  2. So glad the paramedic could talk Jack through the procedure. Jack was very brave to tackle your arm with a Stanley knife – but I think you were even braver than him to let him! Hope your arm heals quickly.

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