Back to ‘Normality’.

Hi! It’s been a while, but quite frankly I’ve had nothing to say or update with. Time has flown by so quickly, but dragged on so slowly.

Tomorrow I return to work after what feels like forever away. I am incredibly apprehensive and have questioned whether I’m ready or not but I’m not sure I’ll ever know if I don’t try.

I’ve only very recently started going out and seeing my family so it kinda feels absurd to be going back to ‘normality’. On the other hand, I’m so ready to have a change of space and see some different faces (even if it’s still from a distance).

I am very weary of a second wave and I’m watching the figures within the area so closely. I am however incredibly fortunate to have a workplace which prioritise my health, therefore I know that if I don’t feel comfortable with anything, we will readdress the plan.

I think the past 6 months have felt so isolating that I have kind of lost some of my confidence that I had gained over the last few years. Everything feels like a risk and I find myself being overly aware of everything. I need little pushes to do things that I used to do without hesitation. I know that with time the apprehension will vanish (I hope)!!

In regards to precautions, I think that for those who know it’s unlikely to cause them harm, their approach to social distancing is completely different to that of someone who knows they could potentially die from it. Half the population are brushing it off as a cold and half are living in fear of being seriously unwell.

I think a few people need reminding that the pandemic isn’t over. This is still life threatening to so many. I respect everyone’s decisions and choices regarding what they do and don’t do, but please don’t put yourself or others at risk. We are not in the clear yet.

Anyway, I hope everybody is safe and adapting to their new reality. Keep healthy and keep sanitising!

Ky x

1 thought on “Back to ‘Normality’.”

  1. Strangely, I have used this isolation time to build so many skills that I never thought I could. I have pre-existing illnesses and that makes me all the more cautious in heading out. By keeping myself indoors, I was left ample amount of time to do and try things get better at it little by little.
    As you mentioned, one of the things that scare me back is going back to the new normal. It feels far worse than what I had anticipated.

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