Balancing Bronchiectasis and A Career.

This is something so important to me. I cant count the number of times I have been discouraged from my job because it’s too risky or too much. The amount of times I have questioned why anywhere would want to employ someone so unreliable.

Truth be told I have so many doubts about whether I’m doing the right thing. Balancing a chronic health condition alongside any job is tough, and I just so happened to pick a job which could be considered higher risk to someone in my position.

I love my job and I’d like to think that’s pretty obvious considering I put my health on the line every day for it. For many, work is just something they HAVE to do, but for me, work is my normality and the one thing that reminds me I am still capable.

When health professionals grunt/groan at your choice of career, it can be a little demoralising, but at the end of the day, it is my choice. Yes, it might be easier to claim benefits or work an office job, but is that really worth it? Is it really worth the joy I gain from working where I have chosen to?

I do listen and I am fully aware of the risks; in fact, they are constantly at the back of mind. My job is full on and I do work in an environment surrounded by germs, but I wouldn’t want to choose anything different.

So how exactly do I balance bronchiectasis and a career? The answer to this is I’m not sure I do just yet. I work 35 hours a week which is definitely more than anyone else thinks I should. I’m exhausted everyday and I don’t have much time for anything else. If I’m not at work, I’m asleep or resting. This is just the sacrifice I’m prepared to make.

There will come a day where I will slow down and accept that it’s too much, but that day is not here just yet. I’m still young and I’m still allowed to be making choices which aren’t necessarily the right ones.

My happiness currently comes above all else. I’m a firm believer that a positive mentality is a huge factor to fuelling oneself for healing. If you’re not set up well mentally, it sets your body up to fail. This is why the things that mean the most to me are so important.

Below is a little graphic of things I do to balance bronchiectasis and my career.

An image showing self care tips for bronchiectasis

I try to organise my time depending on what my body is telling me. If I need to rest, I will and I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that that’s okay, even if I do have to cancel plans or divert from what I was hoping to do.

In terms of work, I listen to my body. I know what I am capable of doing on a particular day. I am super lucky to have a workplace where I feel comfortable in expressing this, but also lucky that they are able to recognise when I’m not feeling so great. I think this makes all the difference.

I plan on creating a part two to this post in the future, but for now I think I’ve blabbered on enough and I’m ready for a nap.

I would love to know how others with chronic illness balance their own career? Let me know 💗

Ky x

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