Coping On The Bad Days.

Whether chronically ill or not, we all have bad days. Days when the thought of doing anything but stay in bed is overwhelming. Days when you’re grumpy as hell and not a single person can say or do anything to make you crack a smile. Days when you literally feel like something out of a horror movie and you just want to tear your hair out. I for one have definitely experienced these days a little too much recently,  but how do you make tomorrow different?

People say mindset is key to recovery and I personally think it does have a key role. Thinking negatively sets you up in a worse position for the day and can create a less willing attitude towards achieving goals. But is it as simple as waking up one morning and suddenly having this sunshiney positive attitude? Definitely not. Every night I try to convince myself that tomorrow I will be in a more positive mood, yet every morning I wake up filled with anger and frustration and confusion. I have to do everything in my power to stop myself from becoming so filled with emotion that I completely freak myself out and make that day a complete write off.

Mornings are super difficult and I definitely use distractions to help me cope; I listen to music, watch YouTube, write a blog post. Anything to give my mind some relief and keep me calm. I find that being able to keep my mornings as chilled as possible really helps to give me the best set up for the day. Sometimes I find that writing lists can help motivate me on the days where I lack the spirit to motivate myself. I might even get somebody else to write a list for me, as I think this sometimes gives you more challenging goals for the day.

Other things I may try to do throughout the day include simple things such as having a bath, taking the time to read a book or baking a cake. These are small things which I find to be a great distraction and can be quite rewarding. I may also connect with close friends or family as talking to someone about normal life can be a great way to forget about your problems and relax. I personally use distraction techniques a lot which doesn’t necessarily target the issue but rather avoids it for a period of time. In the future, I will be working on tackling the issues which are causing emotional outbursts, rather than just avoiding them. 

I have been trying to make every tomorrow better but there are days where you will not have a better day than the one before. Days like this are okay and it is okay to feel defeated sometimes, but I think that it’s important to try to pick yourself up during these harder times. Do things which make you happy and don’t focus on purely the negatives. Little steps forward are still steps in the right direction.

Ky x

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