Day 2- Staying Positive.

Today I woke up in a lot of pain. It took a while to get going and I felt a bit of a lack of hope. I think the prospect of the long isolation period that’s to come is daunting, but I tried to push it to the back of my mind and change the worry into something positive. Despite the somber mood, I attempted to come up with a plan which might make this time both easier and more productive.

I created myself a timetable – just like the ones you would give to a primary school child. It consists of different activities, lasting for different lengths of time. As someone who strives to reach goals, I sometimes find it hard to balance work:rest and therefore I scheduled in daily naps and time for self care as well as time for exploring interests and learning new things. I am planning on continuing my learning of Makaton and I would like to find a few other new interests (if anyone has any suggestions I would definitely be interested to hear).

I would also like to reconnect with friends and be a support system to others who may also be feeling lonely during this time. It’s not easy for anyone to be confined mostly to their 4 walls so if anyone at all ever wants to chat then I’ll always be around. This also applies if anyone wants suggestions for activities/learning to do with their child or reminding of free learning websites for the isolation period (which I’m sure is on its way).

As Jack is also self isolating(ish) for my benefit, I am lucky that I’m not completely alone and I still have someone who can access public places if necessary. I am definitely grateful for all the breadsticks he brought me home this morning as well as the multiple different cereal types! During this time we plan on doing more simple activities together, like going for walks and long drives and playing a load of different games. I think that using this time to get away from technology would be a benefit to not just us, but to everyone.

I think that using this time to better myself is achievable, but I also need to use this time to rest and get on top of my own health. After previously having 3 weeks off ill and a half term already this year, I feel like I’ve barely been at work at all. I hate being at home when I know I should be somewhere else and it constantly plays on the back of my mind. But as people keep telling me, ‘it’s not your fault’ and I need to accept that. In spite of this, I want to be as well as I can be for when my return to work presents. (which will likely be a long time as schools across the UK have just been announced as closed from friday)

Stay safe and soapy! Ky x 


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