Different, but valid.

Why do we as humans feel the need to constantly compare ourselves to others when we live in different circumstances; it’s like running a race but with everyone at a different starting place. It wouldn’t be fair.

Everything feels like a competition. Someone can’t be proud of their achievement as someone else has always done one better.

Some people keep achievements to oneself and others post it all over social media for the whole word to see and then get tonnes of praise while the others go unrecognised.

We celebrate our achievements in different ways, but regardless of how this is received by others or what others have done, individual achievements should ALWAYS be valid.

We live in a world where there will always be a top dog, that’s just part of society and life, but just because you’re not top dog, you shouldn’t feel like your triumphs are irrelevant.

Some of us start at the very bottom of the ladder and make it half way, however some start midway and end at the top. That’s just life.

But I am a strong believer that progress is more important than position or any weird societal ranking system. People often say ‘trust the process’ and to an extent, this is the most important saying on a day to day basis. Everything happens to build our steps forward, to strengthen our progress.

Yes there are steps back, and trust me I’ve had many as I’m sure we all have. But every step shapes the progress that will eventually come.

We experience every feeling and every situation different; no human processes things the same way. These differences don’t make either person right or wrong, it’s just something that’s unique to every human being; the things that build our identity.

[side note: definitely should stop soon as I’m rambling and I think we get the gist by now (or maybe not at all and this is all a bunch of rubbish)!!]

What I’m trying to remind you is that every tiny achievement should be celebrated. It can be demoralising living in a world where people dismiss your seemingly small successes to boast about how they’ve topped that. It’s not a competition. We are all different but we ARE ALL VALID.

As always, stay safe.

Ky x

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