Goals for the Isolation Period. (Day 8)

Before isolation had officially started, I decided that I was going to focus this whole 12+ weeks on setting these elaborate goals like becoming fluent in Spanish or learning how to do something completely new. I was so set on the idea that I was going to follow a static timetable and waste no minute of the day. I know I need structure and I know it’s not healthy to stay in bed all day. But this time does not have to spent how I planned, not everything has to be set in stone. 

I have decided that my rigid way of thinking is something which I need to break away from, so instead of following plans, I’m following my interests. Some days I wake up and really don’t feel as though I can concentrate (definitely today) and other days I want to be super productive. There is no way you can pre-plan when this might occur! So why try?

Today I am feeling pretty sluggish, not up for learning and not really up for watching TV. I think it’s one of those days where I need to focus on self-care and renew my tired self with a bath, chocolate and a nap. I am also going to spend my evening off of social media and read a new book, althought I can’t decide which one! I haven’t sat down and read a book in a while, so I am actually really looking forward to it. 

I challenge you all to complete at least 3 things from this image before you go to sleep tonight! 

Image result for ways to self care

Here are my top tips I have given to myself today:

  • Accept help if/when you need it!
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to be amazingly productive everyday!
  • Slow down. Take time to explore interests or even just slob out if you want to!

On a different note, I do potentially have a special opportunity coming up which would be really cool, just waiting for confirmation!

I hope everyone has had a good start to the week!💕 Stay safe and wash your hands!!

Ky x 

p.s Don’t forget to enter my Act of Kindness Competition. Details on last blog post 😊

7 thoughts on “Goals for the Isolation Period. (Day 8)”

  1. Thanks so much for this! I am going to take the “don’t put pressure on yourself” advice because I’ve honestly tried to stay productive all these days, and my body is getting exhausted.

  2. Love your attitude here. You can’t be on top of everything all day every day. We all need those days to unwind! I hope you manage to achieve your long term isolation goals x


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