Health Update; picc lines, antibiotics and surgery!

So I managed to return to my job for 2 days before being told it was unsafe to be on site and therefore back to shielding for lockdown 2!

I think having the few days of “normality” made it feel a bit like a punch to the gut but it is what it is and it’s not anyone’s fault.

In regards to work, this lockdown is a little different as I’m not working at all and I have been finding it hard to find things to do this time round; I admit that I have turned into a little bit of a granny who likes daytime TV and doing some embroidery!

Although not ideal, the timing of shielding has come at a semi appropriate time.

The last month has been a little rough. I’d been feeling really poorly and lethargic for a little while, so I had another picc line placed and a strong course of IV antibiotics to try and set my body up for winter. The picc line placement has never bothered me before, but this time the nerve in my arm was hit multiple times and it has left it feeling quite uncomfortable when doing anything strenuous.

In spite of that, the antibiotics helped me feel a little brighter, but I can definitely notice the difference as soon as I’m taken off them!

Due to repeated infections and difficulty with accessing my veins, I will be having surgery on Wednesday to place a more permanent device under the skin which will pump medication directly from my heart. I’m not particularly nervous as long term this will be so much better for me and hopefully be a huge help!

I had my pre op tests and COVID test this morning, so fingers crossed that’s all good and we can go ahead Wednesday. Until then, I will be sat in front of the TV with copious blankets!

I hope that everyone is okay and please reach out if you’re struggling! Stay safe 💗x

Ky x

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