I am NOT my pain.

Pain is defined as a ‘highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury’. Some people describe it as short term physical/mental discomfort which can interrupt daily activity or lifestyle.

If I were to define pain, I would say that it is like having a high pressure tornado ripping through your body, altering your emotional state and deterring you from normality- obviously I think my definition is much more fitting!

The thing about pain, particularly chronic pain, is that it can rear its ugly head at any point. No matter where you are, or what you are doing, pain gives no mercy.

A lot of people say pain destroys them, but I don’t think that’s true. I am however under no illusion that pain CHANGES you. I mean something that’s so prevalent in your life is bound to make an impression in some way or another right?!

I am one of the lucky ones gifted with pain everyday. Sometimes a Pandora ring sized gift and other times a shed. Some days I can carry out normal life with little discomfort and other times I can’t move from under my blankets. Everyday is a new surprise!

Pain is a huge part of me, but it doesn’t have to mean a negative thing. It has taught me to be resilient and how to push through difficult times to reach goals. It has taught me that there are so many more interesting things about me than my pain. It has taught me that I am NOT compartmentalised by pain.

I am Kyra; a 22 year old female with 7 guinea pigs and so much kindness to give. I am a girl who craves joy and who loves to do what she enjoys. I am a daughter, an auntie, a niece, a pet mummy, a girlfriend. I am an individual with dreams to have my own child and work a career which I love. I am a normal human who is not defined by pain despite its huge presence.

Pain prevents me from doing SO many things but it will never stop me from being me, ever. It will never stop me from listening to your problems or offering a shoulder to cry. It won’t ever reduce my inhibitions or limit my imagination.

I am still patient, tolerant and interested. I am still creative and hungry to learn. I am still the same as I ever was, if not an elevated, stronger person.

I am proud of myself. I sometimes forget to be, but here I am, living through chronic pain everyday and not letting it define who I am.

To all the people living with pain, I am proud of you too. Take a moment and think of all the things you CAN do. All of the things accomplished everyday despite living with a huge shadow. There are so many reasons to be proud.

Under the presence of this relentless virus, we have all experienced pain. Whether that be grief, loss, illness, depression, isolation, anxiety or many of the other forms it comes in, we have all felt it. So I am proud of the world for keeping going, I am proud of you for moving forward despite it all 💗

Ky x

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