Importance of Medication.

Medical routines can be relentless. Hours put into your health can sometimes seem pointless. Doing your best, but not seeing any positive results can make it hard to motivate yourself to continue with medication. It can leave you thinking it’s not worth it. Time wasted.


Continuity is important. When it comes to your health, things don’t just change with one single pill. Not all drugs are like painkillers, they don’t work instantly. It’s important to create a routine and something that your brain can recognise as normal steps of each day. Familiarise how you need to treat your body. Understand that it needs those drugs.


Until recently, I’ve had a huge lack of organisation in regards to a medical routine. I found myself having a very blasé attitude towards when to take medication and when to not bother. I figured (with the help of my bf) that that’s not good enough. My life is reliant on these tablets. It might not seem like it matters, but its highly likely that the actions taken now are impacting life further into the future.


You might avoid taking medications for several reason: hating the side effects, not liking the taste or maybe even not thinking you deserve to get better. These reasons are all completely valid but medication is given for a reason. Whether it takes 30 seconds or 4 hours. If its something your body needs, then its important that it gets it. If you’re having struggles related to taking medication, talk to someone. Don’t prevent yourself from getting better. Medication is your friend.


Ky x

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