It’s Okay to Need Help. (Day 3.)

Sometimes it can be really tricky to admit that you might need some help. When asking most people, they would say they are pretty comfortable with talking to someone about physical health, but when it comes to mental health, seeking advice seems much more of a struggle. I think that a lot of people in todays world are not okay, but feel the need to cover this. The stigma behind mental health is so huge that it can completely override any positives that an individual may get from asking for help. People are scared of needing help. 

There are so many different ways that mental health problems can present and that makes it so easy to miss the signs. Some experience crippling panic attacks, while others experience more hidden symtpoms like heart palpatations. Although people have different symptoms, ‘severity’ of these should never be compared against eachother. Every persons anxiety is valid. 

A person who may be more tired or uninterested than usual may actually be going through something more serious. You should never make them feel bad for cancelling plans or not replying to messages. Be cautious around those who are distant but equally encourage them to engage- even if this is through a simple emoji message! Alternatively, some individuals may be externally functioning well, but internally falling apart. You never know how someone is truly feeling and thats why its so important to be kind. During this horrible time, it’s particluarly important to check up on those who you think may be struggling. In fact, checking up on as many people as you can is vital.

All of us are struggling in a way. Some are facing financial crisis, childcare problems, complete isolation from the world. None of us have been in this situation before and nobody is expected to handle it perfectly. It’s okay to need to seek advice, reassurance and love from those around you. It’s okay to actually be feeling really scared about what’s going on. It’s okay to feel like everything is kind of just crumbling beneath your feet. But what’s important is that IT IS OKAY TO NEED HELP.

I for one promise to be here for anyone who needs me. I can’t offer to go to the shops for you, but I can be here to support you and watch rubbishy films on netflix party!

Stay well! Ky x

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