Kyra’s Kindness Packages (Day29)

There’s so much stress in today’s world and with everything going on, it’s to be expected. Our key workers are being stretched to their limits, resources running low and human spirit slightly deflated. The world needs a pick me up.

This is without a doubt the hardest non personal period of time that many of us will face. Isolated from family, unable to get access to what we need and limited to only going out for half an hour a day. The whole situation is far from normal and people are struggling.

I try to put myself in others shoes, think about how they might be feeling whilst continuing to work so hard. They are putting them self at risk to help others and I think that’s admirable. If I could, I would do that too.

For people who are key workers, I don’t think there are enough words that I can say to you that will show my gratitude towards what you are doing. You are super heroes and I’m sending you positive health vibes always!

I think key workers need to be shown that they are appreciated. This is kind of why I have set up Kyra’s Kindness Packages.

I initially only planned to create little packages for my grandmas dementia care home, however have thought about this and decided I want to expand it further than just one place.

I am collecting lots of little pick me up gifts that will hopefully give a smile within the storm. I have included items from just 65 pence so there’s no excuses! 😂 If you would like to take a look then please visit here:

Alternatively, if you have anything you would be willing to donate to these packages, that would be equally amazing! I am happy to pay postage for this too or collect if we live close!x

I am looking to have everything for these packages for the 1st of May and I will distribute them between multiple suggested places/people. So if anyone has a particular place of interest please let me know and I’ll try my best.

Thank you in advance for any support, I could not be more grateful. 

Ky x 

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