Maintaining Good Mental Health (Day65)

It’s completely impossible to give someone exact instructions on how to maintain good mental health. There are so many different causes and so many different effects; definitely not a one size fits all situation. I’m sure people would love if there was a manual that told you exactly how to handle your mind but that is simply impossible.

A lot of people focus on self-care and different ways to attempt to promote self-worth. Taking time to step back from stressful situations and refocus on oneself. Some people use beauty to do this through having a bath, putting on a face mask, or doing their hair nicely. Others believe in more spiritual practice such as aromatherapy, yoga, or meditation.

Exercise is also a method used by lots of people as it releases the “happy chemical” – endorphins, which instantly boosts mood. Embedding exercise into daily routine is something that is encouraged by healthcare professionals, however, this is not always possible for everyone, particularly those with health conditions/disability. 

Here are some common tips given out by medical professionals:

  1. Connect with others– having a strong support system is great, but it’s important to utilise this and reach out in times of distress. 
  2. Be physically active– if exercise is not an option, schedule time to sit in the fresh air or have a change of scenery.
  3. Use mindfulness to refocus your senses and live in the present
  4. Do something you enjoy– this can be anything from reading through to climbing a mountain (I personally enjoy doing some colouring}

Of course, some people will argue that this simply is not enough and I of course agree. In many situations, individuals need greater support, therefore turning around with a few self-help tips just isn’t going to cut it. Young people/adults are let down daily by the mental health system and turned away with no support. It leads to greater severity and an increased chance of negative self behaviours being displayed as a cry for help.

The NHS is severely underfunded, particularly when it comes to mental health, therefore it is slightly understandable that those in crisis are prioritised for support. This, however, should not mean that people are turned away and forgotten about just because they don’t seem as unstable as others. 

Today, I challenge you all to take some time for yourself. The current situation has bought about a lot of uncertainty. Switch off for a few hours, do all of your favourite things and enjoy some fresh air. We are also very fortunate that the sun is shining so go outside and get some much needed Vitamin D!

Keep being you! Ky x

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