Proud To Be Vaccinated.

⚠️ – do not read if you cannot handle opinionated views which may differ from your own 🙂

With the delightful coronavirus making it’s rounds bigger and better than ever before, I feel like I’m reading more and more ignorant comments from the people who believe that Covid *blessed* us as a type of ‘natural selection’.

Now, I’ve read many of the theories that people have put together, ranging from Covid being a myth altogether right through to the vaccine somehow altering your brain composition and giving you some kind of developmental issue. But I think the theory of it being accepted as ‘natural selection’ may be my favourite yet.

As someone who would be wiped out as part of this, I find it hard to comprehend the people who think it’s okay to treat Covid this way and better still, think it’s okay to disrespect human life in this way.

Darwin outlined natural selection in the 19th century and unfortunately, some consider it as an acceptable approach to have towards the current pandemic. The fact is that this ‘theory’ could be largely avoided if a greater amount of the population were willing to accept the vaccine.

If Covid was sent to us as natural selection, what value does that put on the elderly population? The children with life threatening disease who haven’t even began their lives yet? Or what about grandparents, the friend with severe lung disease or the uncle who’s on their final round of chemotherapy?

Most of us would agree that survival of the fittest just isn’t necessary, especially when there is something which can be done to ensure that not just the fittest survive.

(For full disclosure, I’m not saying that everyone who rejects the vaccine thinks in this way, I’m simply saying that some of the people who are labelled anti-vaxxers believe that Covid is acting as natural selection and reducing our population for the better.)

I’m all for freedom of choice and if you don’t want the vaccine that’s okay, but some of the reasons for not getting it are utterly ridiculous and made with little to no consideration of the facts.

I agree, we don’t know what’s in the vaccine, but we don’t know what’s in the ever changing flu jab which a lot of us get given yearly, disregarding the fact that it’s components are different from the year before.

We don’t know what’s in our food at restaurants or whether the person we just shook hands with hasn’t washed their hands in 5 weeks and is carrying a life threatening bacteria.

Everyday is unpredictable, and until I grow a second head, I’m going to be proud to be vaccinated and proud to support the scientific evidence that Covid spreads/mutates far less in a group who have had the vaccine than those who haven’t.

As one of the first to be offered the vaccine, I didn’t think twice as to whether I would accept it. It was just something that I knew I had to do to be seen as protecting myself and taking my own health seriously. But even with all the time in the world to think about it, I know I’d be accepting it, because deep down it’s my belief of what is right.

We are all entitled to making our own choice, but with the facts, I know I’ll always be proud of the decision I made, even when others disagree.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy, happy festive period 🎄

Ky x

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