Then vs. Now (Day22)

I decided that I wanted to write a post that would allow me to look back over the past- remeber some of my favourite things about being little. I love hearing stories from when I was younger and looking at how things have changed now that I’ve grown up. I recruited the help of my dad (Lionel) and Jack to answer a series of questions about my life then and now. 

What were/are my most common nicknames? 

Lionel: Ky, Midge, KP, Nut                           

Jack: Monkey, Ky, Smelly, Gorgeous

What was/is my favourite outfit?

Lionel: Anything with Bratz on it                                                                     

Jack: Fluffy socks, leggings + jumper –  biggest one you can find!!!

What foods did/do I hate?

Lionel: You liked banana, then not. Tomato, broccoli and veg in general.   

 Jack: Sausages, red meat. 

What was/is my favourite way to wear my hair?

Lionel: Always in bunches and the more, the merrier!         

Jack: Messy bun, in a giant knot- however you wake up with it

What 3 words would use to describe me then/now?

Lionel: Polite, respectful and cute.         

Jack: Caring, beautiful and annoying!

What was/is my strangest habit?

Lionel: Not strange, but you always had to have either a doll or build a bear with you, wherever we went.                                                                     

Jack: Still talking to teddy bears at 21!

What is your favourite memory of me back then/now?

Lionel: Watching you dance with Heidi in your first ‘comp’, with Piglet in your hair, staring up at her with a huge smile and without a care in the world         

Jack: Going to an open air theatre, ice skating, holiday to Spain

What is your worst memory of me back then/now?

Lionel: Running up the stairs after you clobbered your head on the bannister, not knowing what I was going to find, after you screamed. (I had concussion by the way and was sick all over Lionel at the hospital)     

Jack: Nottingham Hospital. We were miles away from home with no family, you were blue lighted in an ambulance between 2 hospitals and were incredibly poorly. 

Who was/is my favourite person?

Lionel: Probably me generally, but Jonny at dancing!   

Jack:  I would like to say me, but I think it’s your dad.       

Thanks to my volunteers for letting me pester them! As you can tell I have always been a medical calamity who loves teddy bears!🤣 Could be worse things in life I suppose?!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend in the sun and are all having a positive start to the week! Stay safe 💕

Ky x 

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