To All You Fools. (Day 14)

To all you fools. 

What makes you think that you are different from everyone else? What makes you so superior that you can defy government rules? Why do you think you are entitled to go to the park when nobody else is? Why are you putting youself first over the lives of so many others?

I am so sick of people out there thinking they are different, superior, entitled to more than others. This is a pandemic, something which affects everyone whether you’re barely getting by or making £5000 a day. This is not something that is going to be resolved when ignorant people think that rules do not apply to them. The selfish and entitled are extending this for us all. 

Do you lack understanding of what necessaties means? Do you assume you can do what you want just because you can pay the fine? Do you completely lack empathy of what’s going on for those around you?

Of course. You are oblivious. You only care for yourself and your family. You have no empathy. You are making this problem go on for longer. You need to stay inside. You need to stop pretending that this doesn’t apply to you because when it comes close to home, you will realise how much of a fool you have been. 

Why are you arguing with people for only letting 1/4 of your family in the shop? Why are you not following the advice of social distancing? What do you not understand? Why are you carrying on, oblivious to the world?

Maybe you are in denial. Not able to comprehend that this is real life and not something happening half the world away. Or maybe you just don’t care. You are in a position of health and wealth, able to provide your family with whatever care they would need. Not all of us are that fortunate. Those considered vulnerable/family of the vulnerable are giving up everything. Not leaving the house or socialising with people who they miss greatly. It is not easy for anyone. There are no exceptions. You are being selfish, entitled and rude. 

And for those of you who are young. Why did you go to the skatepark with 10 friends just minutes after being told to stay indoors? What are you going to do when you get that phone call that one of your relatives is in intensive care? Will you feel resentful? Will you wish that for once, you did as your parents said? 

You will be resentful. You will regret how careless you were. And if you don’t, you are the biggest fool of them all. Selfish and careless. 

STAY AT HOME, EVERYONE. Whether you are young, old, healthy, vulnerable, rich, poor, bored, restless, lonely. YOU HAVE TO STAY AT HOME. 

And that’s it for my rant. I was so angry I wrote this in 10 minutes. 

Yours ‘faithfully’ 🙃

Someone who is self isolating for 12 weeks with no fuss. 

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